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RBA Webinar Replay: 7 Deadly Sins of Digital Workplace Strategy

Technology is changing everything from how we research and buy products to how we get a ride from the airport. And while many companies have jumped on the digital bandwagon to create better customer experiences, the focus on the employee experience is lacking or even non-existent. Digital workplace implementations don’t succeed due to failing to get input from key opinion leaders or focusing solely on the technology instead of the users. We’ve identified the top seven mistakes that cause digital workplace implementations to fail that we refer to as the 7 Deadly Sins of Digital Workplace Strategy. 

We recently hosted a webinar on how to avoid these seven digital workplace strategy pitfalls. RBA digital strategists, Kelli Ward and Scott Wheeler discussed the “7 Deadly Sins” and how to refocus on the employee experience to allow for digital connectivity in the workplace that not only empowers employees but creates more productive, creative and engaged employees.

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