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Hey business marketer, did you know by understanding your customer's journey and having the right technology tools, you can help your customer travel along their path to purchase?

Watch our recent webinar replay to learn more.

How do you know you have the right technology tools to deliver results?

During the webinar, we'll start by digging deeper into the customer journey with RBA’s marketing strategist, Zack Wenthe. Zack will take us in depth through each phase of a customer’s buying journey and share key insights about how the right technology tools leveraged at the right time in each phase of the journey will help lead your prospects to becoming customers and ultimately, brand advocates for you.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to power up your marketing efforts with the right tools to engage with your prospects along their path to purchase. Fill out the form to receive a link to watch the recording today!

Zack wenthe
Zack Wenthe

Zack Wenthe (@zwenthe) is the National Marketing Strategist for RBA, focused on helping marketing departments operate smarter and more efficiently. A published author and frequent speaker, Zack is a subject matter expert on marketing resource management and marketing automation including Microsoft Dynamics Marketing.