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Today’s employees thrive on constant connectivity to work seamlessly between devices and platforms, especially younger generations. In this age of the digital workplace, companies are reexamining their current collaboration tools and exploring new ways to connect and share information with employees.  

In fact, industry reports estimate that spending on digital workplaces will grow to $14 billion by 2021*. 
  • Why are digital workplaces so important in businesses today?
  • And how can you get started digitally transforming your workplace?
In RBA’s upcoming e-book, digital workplace experts will share guiding principles for how a digital workplace is best used. You’ll receive:
  • The top technology trends in digital workplaces today
  • Real-world examples for boosting business ROI.
  • The key considerations to keep in mind when designing a productive digital workplace.
  • Technology tips for success.

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*source: Market Research Engine