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BI Data Architect

You help your clients become data-driven organizations by collaborating with their business and IT users to shape BI ecosystems and create intelligent applications using machine learning and cognitive services.

You surround yourself with talented people around who are enabled by the tools that make them successful - you embrace a work-life balance. You constantly are shifting your clients to explore a new technology.

You improve processes and approaches by creating communities of experts around what you're trying to solve. You lead.

You leverage RBA's unique process and perspective as you partner with clients. You utilize your UX/UI team to deliver visually appealing and user-friendly data visualizations, your measurement and strategy team align your data and analytics solution to deliver business value, and your project management team operates at the most efficient level to deliver successfully - all for your client.

You have no problem architecting data solutions - as a matter of fact, you're quite skilled at it.

You recognize the tools your clients use as a means to an end and solving your client's dashboard woes is your primary objective. You use PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik, MicroStrategy, or Business Objects.

You are the technical lead for your data and analytics engagements.

You collaborate with both IT and business users - and you're great at supporting and fostering warm relationships between the two groups. Internally, you mentor the teams you work with to grow their capabilities and knowledge around how to best partner with clients.

As the lead, you help translate your client's business problems into technical solutions - and then business requirements into technical specifications.

You work with data integrators, report developers, and data analysts to lead your clients from traditional reporting systems to predictive, prescriptive, and actionable insight-driven solutions. Leveraging new technologies, you help set your client's vision of what's possible and how they can utilize their data assets.

You build new business intelligence ecosystems - as well as augment existing ones.

You work on your client's data warehouses and more complex architectures including structured and unstructured data sources from both the cloud and on-premise.

Your empathetic and problem-solving approach to every BI situation.

Your insights and solutions impact your client's bottom line with tangible evidence. You're supported by your manager and peers alike with the tools you need, career progression, role clarity, and new perspectives on solving problems.

Who we are

RBA is a digital company of technologists and creatives delivering custom software solutions for our clients. We focus on work-life balance, high-quality results, and solving our client's problems - no matter how big.

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