Yammer Metrics and the “Frontline” Worker #SPC14RBA


Office 365 is making it easier and easier to give entire organizations communication tools that used to only be accessible to “corporate” or “headquarters” employees. Those forgotten users were often “frontline” workers, like cashiers or personal trainers. They didn’t need email because their communication didn’t usually have a specific enough audience, like a department team at corporate headquarters.

Now with Yammer being packaged with Office 365, those frontline workers now have a communication tool that better suits their need: a place to turn their real-world information into corporate knowledge. But because resources (both human and dollars) are being invested into Yammer, then that means it’s use needs to be measured.

So what are some common success metrics for Yammer? Angus Florence, Customer Engagement Lead at Yammer, shared successful examples he’s been gathering examples from Yammer customers of all sizes:

Possible Yammer Success Metrics

  • Employee retention rate and cost of attrition
  • Employee engagement surveys
  • Reduction of incidents/accidents
  • Faster issue resolution
  • Reduction of supplier inventories
  • Frontline workers engage each other

These metrics might not show high rates of adoption independently but when put together can tell a tangible, quantifiable story of how frontline workers can finally be a part of the knowledge conversation at your company.