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Project manager

Traditionally, the role of a Project Manager is viewed as the owner/keeper/manager of schedule, scope, and budget. While these are important components of a successful PM, RBA is looking for Scrum Masters and/or Agile Certified Project Managers that have a strong background in not only managing Agile/Scrum projects but have the ability to provide coaching and mentoring to our internal teams as well as our clients.

RBA project managers should also possess expertise in Microsoft Project and the traditional project management foundations and should also understand the flexibility and awareness required to manage contemporary solutions and remote resources in a digital world.

Businesses are focusing more and more of their dollars on web applications to help manage their business, customers, vendors, and revenue generating channels with intranets, B2B portals, .com websites, and specialty web applications.

What you will do

Engaging with our clients on these projects, our Project Managers:

  • Are able to take over the management of an in-flight project and managing the associated transition activities.
  • Communicate technical work clearly with both developers and clients.
  • Have an awareness of user-centered design.
  • Have a solid grasp of modern marketing and the technology that enables it.
  • Structure and prioritize our client’s ongoing needs while making strategic.
  • Make suggestions to our clients about how to best achieve their business objectives.


Why work at RBA?

You will be working with the RBA project team and closely with key client stakeholders representing different parts of their business. Growth will be in knowledge of how RBA executes operationally as well as having intimate knowledge of the client’s business and having the ability to manage priorities and navigate up and across the organization as required.

We are looking for someone who is not only great at their craft but who can tackle project complexities and challenges. This person is personable and creates a positive team culture with a can-do attitude, even when challenged. Someone who laughs easily but possesses authority and gravitas to make us – and our clients – sit up straighter.

If you love to consult and add value to projects, you should apply for this role. It will give you a variety in the types of projects you work on and industries. You won’t get bored. Promise. Please reach out to us at recruiting@rbaconsulting.com!

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