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Are you equipped to handle the challenges of serving customers in today’s digital age?

Today’s organizations, particularly in the highly-competitive restaurant industry, must modernize their operations to keep up with the demands of today’s digital customer, or risk falling behind their competition.

Discover the right strategies you need to implement in order to improve operations, communication, employee engagement and productivity with RBA’s Digital Restaurant Strategy Briefing.

This 3-hour workshop is designed specifically to help restaurant companies uncover hidden opportunities to drive better employee engagement and operational efficiency.

During the interactive workshop, we’ll meet with your team and help you prioritize opportunities that will drive the most impact and deliver the best value including how to:

  • Improve communications between Corporate, Franchisees, and Restaurants
  • Connect devices, systems, and equipment to drive efficient operations and customer service
  • Improve training and onboarding of team members
  • Provide content to drive restaurant marketing
  • Automate business processes to streamline operations
  • Provide business intelligence and insight including restaurant scorecards, sales dashboards, and operational reports
  • Provide mobile access to key content and services
  • Reduce turnover by driving Employee Engagement

Afterward, you will receive a roadmap document that outlines a path forward for reaching your goals. The document outlines potential high-value use cases, possible technical solutions, prioritization of initiatives, and a set of actionable next steps. Additionally, the roadmap will identify the low-hanging fruit that can be implemented immediately to start building momentum in your organization.

The Strategy Briefing is a great way to begin the discussion around your organization’s needs for technology modernization. Use the form to register and we will contact you to schedule your Digital Restaurant Strategy Briefing.