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RBA is a national digital and technology consultancy with a team of specialists that combine expertise in strategy, design and technology to close the gap between ideas and results. We believe the best, most complete solutions fuse the modern digital experience with proven technology engineering to seamlessly deliver end-to-end solutions for our clients. We are looking for passionate people who share that belief and have a desire to grow in a fun, entrepreneurial culture that offers the right combination of challenging, innovative projects, professional development and generous financial rewards.

Data Architect

Hello! You’re passionate about data – working with it, building with it, and even managing it, right? Right. The type of role you’re looking to step into aligns with what this one is all about. Here’s what it’s about at a high level.

You’ll work with clients to design, build, and manage database-driven, analytical solutions. Solutions that are critical to their business succeeding.

The projects and clients will be different every time. You're excited and motivated to step into different environments. Solve problems for the client and collaborate with them on their data solution needs.

Our client needs leadership and guidance on their enterprise level data architecture. You’ll provide it. You’ll consult on their needs and become their trusted partner.

You understand which tools, technologies, and best practices are best for the client. You stay up to date with emerging data technologies and methodologies.

You get excited about designing, building, and managing:

  • enterprise data architect that supports products, marketing, and data science.
  • transactional, operational, and analytical database models and data interfaces.
  • ETL and data transformations to support analytical and operational reporting.

You’ll analyze the requirements and recommend the best platform. The technical architecture and application design are part of this role, too. You’ll test and deploy large scale data architectures.

Our client’s data sources are everywhere and they’re rarely neat. You should be able to manage and integrate structured and unstructured sources. Connecting these disparate operational data sources to internal ones comes with that territory. You’ll work with real-time and/or near real-time data feeds.

Data Architects organize, present, and communicate results. You’re no different. You establish and maintain data quality standards, process, and procedures for our clients.

You have over 5-years of data architecture experience. You've designed, tested, deployed, and managed salable data architectures for cross functional teams. You’ve designed and built operational and analytical data models. You understand big data concepts and the technologies required.

If all you're really looking for is the big ol' bulleted list of technical requirements, here they are.

  • You’ve ETL design, development, and management projects under your belt. 
  • You write SQL and complex queries.
  • You’ve worked with result-set performance tuning and related data administration.
  • You understand data security and privacy methodologies.
  • You’ve focused on data quality management and administration.
  • You have experience with R and/or Python.
  • You understand and work with database technologies like SQL Server and Azure Data Services.
  • .

If you love to consult and add value to projects, you should apply for this role. It will give you variety in the types of projects you work on and industries. You won’t get bored. Promise.


  • Health coverage:We offer competitive plans for medical, dental, and vision. Staying healthy is important to us.
  • Profit sharing & 401k: We offer revenue sharing and bonus opportunities throughout the year. Fidelity manages our 401k plan.
  • Paid time off: We know having a balance between work and life is critical to your happiness.
  • Team bonding: Getting together as a company is important to us. We often have in office lunches that include lots of crock pots and BBQ grilling. Plus, we host out of office events like lake cruises, baseball games, happy hours, and picnics.
  • Fitness: Our onsite gym has two treadmills, free weights, and a multi-use machine. There's also a shower for you to use, too.
  • Company cabin & pontoon: Employees are able to use our cabin and its amenities in the Brainerd area. We also have a pontoon in Wayzata Bay that you can check out to use.