RBA Consulting

A Digital and Technology Consultancy


RBA is a national digital and technology consultancy with a team of specialists that combine expertise in strategy, design and technology to close the gap between ideas and results. We believe the best, most complete solutions fuse the modern digital experience with proven technology engineering to seamlessly deliver end-to-end solutions for our clients. We are looking for passionate people who share that belief and have a desire to grow in a fun, entrepreneurial culture that offers the right combination of challenging, innovative projects, professional development and generous financial rewards.

Junior Software Developer

You are a Junior Developer and we’re looking for you.

You relish the opportunity to dive deep on your client’s tech stack to be their go to developer for quick fixes. You strive to know their standards, systems, and approach inside and out to work as efficiently as possible with them. You perform under pressure and look forward to being thrown into the deep end with work.

You learn quickly in an independent environment.

You flourish in environments that require you to pick up new technologies quickly – then immediately apply that knowledge to client projects. You learn and adapt to difficult situations. You don’t know all of the answers, but you’re resourceful and find them quickly for your clients. You surround yourself with a team, but work independently without much supervision to think on your feet to get things done.

You work on both the front end (C#, JavaScript) and the back end (C#, SQL, Azure) of projects.

You dive deep on your clients so it only makes sense that you are comfortable figuring out how to solve their backend and frontend problems. You provide solutions to issues that arise and if you don’t know the answer, you research and figure out how to do it. You leverage Git for version control. You are familiar with AWS or Azure and understand how clients can leverage public cloud technology.

You meet 60% of these statements.

You may have some professional experience, but you may not. You look forward to getting into an entry level role where you can learn on the job and work on updates and debugging for clients. You are looking for an opportunity to work hard and make an impact on a company.

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