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Are you getting the most out of your CRM solution? 

Investing in a CRM solution is a sound idea through the ability to streamline business processes and help your customer-facing teams work more efficiently. But is yours paying off for you? Do you need help in prioritizing which processes will have the most impact on your customers?

If your current CRM solution isn’t delivering the results you want, a Strategic Assessment Workshop with RBA can help determine which processes to address that will deliver the most impactful results for your organization.

RBA’s online assessment and half-day workshop is aimed at helping you understand your own organizational priorities and business processes that can be addressed through an optimized CRM solution that is working effectively for your organization. Our experts will analyze your CRM solution’s capabilities to identify what’s working and what business processes could be improved and then offer strategic recommendations. Areas of coverage include:

  • Customer Strategy and Customer Data
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Direct Sales Optimization
  • Channel Sales Enhancement
  • Customer Service
  • Field Service
  • Analytics, Reporting, and IT Infrastructure

This is a great way to discover opportunities to improve employee productivity, organizational effectiveness and customer engagement. Fill out the form to the right to and a CRM Solution Specialist will contact you to schedule your Strategic Assessment Workshop.