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Open Systems

A modern web experience that accounts for more leads

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Transforming their brand and sales effectiveness with a new website that delivers results 

Open Systems wanted to demonstrate an innovative brand through a new web experience that would increase web traffic and, ultimately, capture more leads. 

As a leading software provider for the distribution, manufacturing, and nonprofit industries, Open Systems boasts cloud, on-premises, and mobile implementations at a fraction of the cost of their competitors – on flexible platforms that promote customization and scalability. However, their status as an innovative solutions provider wasn’t reflected in their web presence. Their old content management system was outdated and couldn’t handle modern marketing functions such as search engine optimization, or complex analytics tracking.

       RBA is the only firm who asked us about our platform choices. Not only does RBA understand the latest in digital technology, they actually understand our business and can speak to the strategy and tactics needed to accomplish our business goals.

Living the Process


After its first year the results are significant. The new website (along with A/B testing and SEO) has produced a 30% increase year-over-year, year-to-date in marketing qualified leads.

“Publishing a single page used to take an hour and required the assistance of a marketer, developer, and IT,” explained Open Systems’ Director of Marketing at the time, Mike Goracke. “It now takes minutes with the new system and processes we have in place. We went from an online brochure for a website a year ago to providing an engaging digital experience that allows us to measure success at every step of the journey. Our sales team deliberately sends prospects to our website, because it has become a dynamic selling tool.”