Are your sales processes inefficient? Are reps in your organization just winging it? Is your current version of Dynamics CRM providing your employees with the tools to take you to the next level?

With the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, your sales processes will be streamlined, and provide your employees access to all of the client data that they need to skyrocket their sales and boost the company’s bottom line. Dynamics CRM allows you to create branching logic across your guided business process flows, create rules that control that branching, and provides the ability to put multiple conditions in the same rule.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM stands alone in its ability to provide visual process flows with conditional logic that will streamline your processes such as sales cycles, and improve consistency across your sales team. As with any sales team, when you improve consistency, you increase your win rates.


Think about this…when you cook, ideally you use a recipe to ensure the proven success of the meal every single time.  These guided process flows are like a recipe for success…every single time. Toss in the ability to branch the processes, which aren’t always linear, and you end up with endless possibilities not currently available in older versions of Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft delivered on the most requested enhancement in its latest release by putting the ability to dramatically change the way you approach sales at your fingertips. These new features will be sure to reduce clicks and increase your user adoption, which we know are two of the biggest factors in successful implementations. Ultimately, you will improve your ability to deliver sales results when you upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.