Project Services

When you are looking for a firm to take on a project from beginning to end, RBA has the team and the process to deliver a successful result every time.

Our philosophy

A Cross-Disciplinary Approach

At RBA, we believe that the success of every project relies on its ability to solve a business problem. Our time-tested approach was built on the premise that to truly solve a problem it needs to be evaluated and addressed from multiple perspectives. We learned long ago that we needed to design a process that allowed our experts to learn about a challenge in their own terms. By bringing experts together early in the effort who represent the disciplines of Strategy, Design, and Technology, we found that it helps reduce confusion, handoffs, and ultimately it delivers better results.

At RBA, we help our clients create and align strategy to organizational objectives that will create a clear path on how to achieve their goals.

At RBA, design is part of all facets of the solutions we build; from the user experience to the underlying architecture.

At RBA, we help our clients align strategy and design with proven technology platforms to implement modern solutions that allow them to meet their goals.

Project process

Designed with success in mind


Identifying and aligning to business goals to set priorities and gain organizational support.


Envisioning the solution through strategy, design and technology discovery and planning activities.


Iterating through design, development and testing with frequent opportunities for client input.


Initial solution launch and acceptance and transition to support and maintenance.


Ongoing enhancements paired with measurement to drive optimization and value.

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