Intuition-Based Decision Making is Out

470424725For a marketing effort to be most effective, a marketer needs to have insight into customer behavior and be quick to tailor their efforts to the most effective campaigns and touch points. With today’s digital landscape, this insight comes in part from having a comprehensive digital measurement strategy that captures the behavior of your customers across digital channels. To have such as a strategy in place takes time and effort, but is possible when an organization is willing to invest in building out the capability to collect, report on and analyze customer data across all their digital touch points.

“Marketing without measurement is like driving with your eyes closed”- HubSpot concisely sums up why it is so important to have insight into your customers’ interactions with your marketing efforts. Without a dedicated strategy to collect customer data and analyze it for insights, decisions are likely intuition-based, not data-driven.

Take this as an example: your organization invests in building a beautiful, user centric digital experience – and it is now launch day. As a marketer, you have invested significant effort coordinating with numerous stakeholders to curate content, deliver consistent messaging and create a relevant, useful experience for your customers.

How do you know if your digital experience is successful at achieving your marketing goals? What are you planning to do to make it more effective?

Having the answers to these questions – the insight that you can get from analyzing the right data – will dictate your optimization efforts. This is where the real work of a marketer begins. On day 2 (and beyond) of your new digital experience, you should be collected data that will generate insights. Insights on the content that is relevant to your most engaged customers, the campaigns and channels that are driving the highest conversion and the ideal path that a qualified lead takes through your site.

If you plan to make intuition-based changes to improve the digital experience, or worse off, if you don’t have a plan at all to optimize, then you’re missing out on the opportunity to continuously improve upon the experience. This work should be a continuous process.

So where do you begin in achieving a digital measurement strategy? Well, begin somewhere. Get some data, any data; on your customers’ behavior throughout your digital touch points. Whether this is web traffic data for your website, social metrics across your active social profiles or maybe content usage on your SharePoint intranet. Then invest in the resources to turn this data into insight. Use this insight to inform your marketing and optimization efforts.

Once your organization begins to see the payoff in optimizing through data-driven decisions, begin to layer on various measurement tactics that help tell the story of your customer behavior throughout the digital ecosystem – and beyond. Ultimately, you can develop a holistic view of your customers’ journey across all online, as well as offline, touch points (which is no small feat!).

Simply put, making decisions without substantiated data is suboptimal, and with today’s technology there is no reason to miss the opportunity to include insight-driven decision making as part of your workflow.