Note: A detailed tutorial has been published here. Check it out!

Measuring and analyzing digital marketing efforts is one of the most important focuses for us at RBA. With this good information, we can continually refine our marketing efforts to a) sell more products or services, b) generate more leads and inquiries and/or c) increase the efficiency of internal processes. And, as it turns out, some of the best analytics tools have free versions.

In a recent blog post for BMA Minnesota, I discussed my three favorite tools for measuring marketing efforts online. These free analytics tools will also be the topic of my presentation at the Digital Summit in Minneapolis July 25-26.

Google Analytics – A web-based service for reporting website traffic to help track customer insights and connect website KPIs to business objectives.

Google Tag Manager – A middleman to complement Google Analytics that lets you add new tags to your website without altering source code so you never miss a measurement or marketing opportunity.

Microsoft Power BI – A data visualization tool that generates a real-time dashboard of widgets, charts, graphs and physical maps to see all of your data in one place.

In my upcoming “Get Amazing Insights Using Three Free Platforms” presentation I’ll do a step-by-step walk through on how to configure Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager – and how to add a cool scroll-tracking function – to help make your data more useful. I’ll also show attendees how to create a real-time visual dashboard in Microsoft Power BI that will really impress your boss. Sign up for the two-day conference here.

If you’re looking to learn more about how and why business marketers should take advantage of these tools, check out my latest blog post for the BMA Minnesota blog.