The pace of change in the Dynamics CRM platform and associated products has raced forward over the past year or two. It’s likely to continue picking up steam. Knowing what’s currently out, what’s in preview, and what’s planned for release in the future is challenging at best!

In the recent past, Microsoft handled this dilemma by creating and publishing a release preview guide twice a year that would outline these details at a point in time. They’ve recently taken a HUGE step forward and put all this info into a website they’ll maintain with updated content!  Don’t worry, you can still directly download the latest release preview guide right from the top of this page just in case you like reading documents.

Check it out at

You can filter by the proposed timing of the features:

You can filter by the Dynamics product you’re interested in:

Product Filters

You can drill into the details of any particular feature to get an overview and link to dive deeper:


Nice work Microsoft!