How we engage

We've designed our engagement offerings to match the needs of our clients.

RBA engagement models

Designed to Deliver

At RBA we have designed our services and engagement types to align to the unique needs of our clients. We have designed our teams to add capacity to your team, help deliver a solution on new technologies, and support your organization after launch.

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Project Services

When you are looking for a firm to take on a project from beginning to end, RBA has the team and the process to deliver a successful result every time.

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Staffing and Co-Delivery

Ideal for clients who are looking to expand their internal teams to embrace new solutions, flex up to meet timelines or to collaborate and co-deliver with experts.

Learn more about our Staffing and Co-Delivery services

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Managed Services

Once a solution is launched, we provide peace of mind to clients who are looking for ongoing support and monitoring to keep things running 24×7.

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