Co-Delivery and Staffing

Providing expert staff with specific skills / capabilities to clients combined with program governance

Co-delivery and staffing

Amplifying your team with our expertise

At RBA we have built up teams of experts in many of the core domains and disciplines that are required for successful delivery today.  If you are ramping up on a new platform or technology or you simply need to expand your team to meet demand, we are designed to help.

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Software Engineers

Nothing can replace experience when it comes to software engineering, and our team has over 1,000 collective years developing enterprise grade software solutions.

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Project Managers

PMI and SCRUM certified experts who have helped organizations lead projects and have led change in the adoption of agile methodologies.

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Business Analysts

A team focused on understanding the needs of your business and aligning the right solution and capabilities to truly solve a need.

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Cloud / Infrastructure Engineers

Our infrastructure engineers are helping our clients at every stage of their cloud journey, planning, migration, and optimization.

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Digital Strategists

Defining strategy and aligning to organizational goals, our digital strategists set the roadmap to create measureable outcomes.

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UX and Creative Designers

With a focus on visual design and user experience, our designers help put the user at the center.

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Data Engineers

Our data engineers are helping clients integrate systems and improve reporting through modern visualization and self-service BI.

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Quality Engineers

A team of experts focusing on embedding quality assurance throughout the software development process.

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OCM Strategists

Our team of OCM strategists help our clients through the adoption of new solutions.
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Platform / System Analysts

This team helps organizations get the most out of a particular platform or solution.
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DevOps Engineers

Our DevOps engineers are helping clients embrace the culture of DevOps through improved automation.
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Process Analysts

Our process improvement analysts are redesigning processes to align to modern workflow based approaches.


Insights from the RBA team

Check out some of the recent posts from the experts at RBA covering topics that are impacting our clients on a daily basis.

RBA to Sponsor Twin Cities Code Camp 

We are excited to be a platinum sponsor at the Twin Cities Code Camp in Minnesota on April 15th at Normandale Community College. RBA's very own Jason Piemeisl and Maddison Bruckelmyer will both be presenting, and we hope to see you there! The Twin Cities Code Camp...
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Helix isn’t just for Sitecore solutions

Sitecore Helix is a set of principles governing how a Visual Studio solution should be structured, such that the interdependencies of the solution's projects are clearly understood and consistent. Helix ensures that project dependencies are allowed in only one...

Azure Bot Service – How Bots Can Drive Employee Engagement

In today’s Twitter, mobile texting and sound bite-driven culture, any friction encountered in finding solutions to one’s problems or connecting with others, just isn’t tolerated. Typically, if it’s too much work or it takes too long to get what or whom a worker needs...

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