Privacy Policy

Objective of RBA’s Website

Our website is used to share how we can and have partnered with customers on their digital transformation. We provide webinars, blog posts and other learning materials (customer stories, white papers and 3rd party research). Our website also provides information about RBA’s culture, history, business approach, contact information and current employment opportunities. Our website is not used for any e-commerce or business transactions.

Information Available for Submission to RBA via the website

RBA’s policy and practice is for our website to only request contact information (name, e-mail and phone number) that must be entered and willingly submitted by visitors to our website.

RBA’s Policy for Personally Sensitive/Protected Information

RBA does not, through its website or daily work with customers, solicit, accept, collect or store any sensitive data protected by U.S. or local laws regarding personal identification, health, or other confidential information. We have no need for sensitive information to successfully share information on RBA or deliver solutions to our customers. RBA contractually commits to not accept, store or retain sensitive data to every RBA customer.
Any corporate information considered confidential (e.g. business plans, intellectual property, etc.) is only accepted under fully executed mutual non-disclosure agreement.

Use of Submitted Contact Information

RBA only uses contact information submitted via its website to pursue an on-going dialogue with interested visitors via e-mails, invitations to customers or phone calls.

RBA does not release or sell any contact information collect to 3rd parties, including our partners and existing customers.

Right for Removal of Submitted Contact Information

Within every communication, RBA provides a link that allows the recipient to request removal from future communications. RBA’s systems provide an automatic removal of information without any internal intervention required to complete. Otherwise, requests for removal can be sent to: [email protected] – RBA will act upon the request within seven (7) business days.

Protection of Submitted Contact Information

RBA deploys network security measures to avoid non-RBA access to any submitted contact information. If RBA were to suffer any data breach for submitted contact information, we will provide notification within seven (7) business days of discovery. Internally, RBA restricts access to submitted contact information to our RBA Sales and Marketing team members only.

Questions on RBA’s Privacy Policies: Please e-mail [email protected].