Advantage Solutions

Advantage Solutions, based in Irvine, California, delivers sales, marketing and technology solutions for manufacturers and retailers. Having gone through a number of acquisitions, Advantage selected RBA to help them through the technology onboarding and integration of over 10 organizations.


Acquisitions at scale

As a growing organization, Advantage Solutions had been acquiring multiple organizations and was struggling with the ongoing challenge of onboarding new companies and aligning them to new technology platforms. Many of the challenges were core day-in-the-life needs including email, file management and team collaboration along with consolidation of platforms.


Rinse and Repeat

With the help of RBA, Advantage Solutions was able to make progress on system integration of their backlog of acquired companies. Using RBA’s defined process to help organizations through mergers and acquisitions, we were able to migrate 3000+ users from over 10 organizations to a singular platform of Office 365.





How we did it

Key components

Organizational Change Management (OCM)

Starting with Project Sponsors, extending to IT, and unfolding to the user, OCM should be a constant thread throughout your cloud journey. RBA utilized a comprehensive and customizable methodology to guide, listen, measure, and evolve the cloud experience. The shift away from the idea that if it isn’t failing – it’s successful, by truly measuring adoption, changing what doesn’t work, and constantly improving the experience was key to success.

Cloud Foundation

RBA worked with Advantage to solidify a consistent target cloud architecture for each company that was to be folded into the organization. The focus on key areas including security, compliance, mobility and desktop helped to ensure a consistent approach across the multiple organizations being migrated.

Productivity Platform

RBA worked with Advantage to understand the culture of productivity and align it to Office 365 capabilities including SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, Flow, and PowerApps to provide a truly transformative experience. These tools combined with Azure AD helped employees get more done while addressing compliance needs.

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