It’s not about getting to the cloud, it’s about leveraging the cloud

A major medical device manufacturer embodies innovation to improve quality of life. RBA worked with them to embark on a large effort to modernize their productivity toolset with a move to the cloud, leveraging Office 365.


Moving beyond simply rolling out a platform

The client had adopted the Microsoft Office platform years ago and was looking for a way to onboard users more effectively and to get the most out of the productivity capabilities. They had also recently acquired a large medical device manufacturer as part of their growth strategy and needed a way to onboard thousands of new users while improving the experience of the current user base.

In a nutshell, they wanted to prepare the organization for change, not just roll out a new platform.


Preparing for Productivity

Through the combination of well-orchestrated user migration waves and ongoing organizational change management, our client has been able to successfully roll out Office 365 Exchange Online as a core part of their communication and productivity infrastructure. By fully embracing an approach that puts focus on user adoption they are reducing the typical challenges when moving to a new platform for both existing and new employees.




Key components

Office 365 Exchange Online

Our client chose to move to Office 365 and one of their first priorities was to migrate their users to Exchange Online for email.

Migration Wave Planning

RBA has created a methodology and toolset to improve the migration of users during a large scale migration in Office 365. Often mailboxes and accounts are migrated that have dependencies such as email delegation which can cause challenges if accounts aren’t synced in the appropriate order.

Organizational Change Management (OCM)

RBA helped define the strategy on how to communicate and train the organization to take full advantage of the new capabilities. Often overlooked in projects of this type, this has been one of components to ensure success for their users.

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