Webinar: Bringing Personalization to Life in Umbraco with uMarketingSuite

Getting started with personalization strategy and how to use uMarketingSuite in Umbraco

Webinar Overview

Personalized user experiences are essential for capturing and retaining website visitors within the digital landscape. This webinar, presented jointly by RBA and uMarketingSuite, is dedicated to exploring strategies aimed at refining and optimizing the digital customer experience. Furthermore, it provides an examination of the functionalities within uMarketingSuite for Umbraco with practical insights to amplify website personalization endeavors.

Webinar Details:

When: March 21st, 11:00 am to 11:45 am (central time)

Format: Hosted on Zoom (info provided upon registration)

Presenters: RBA and uMarketingSuite

Webinar Presenters


Tyler Schroeder

Senior Digital Strategist, RBA

Leon de Wildt

Co-Founder, uMarketingSuite

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