RBA whitepaper:
Are you addressing the people side of change?

Do a quick online search about “What keeps corporate executives up at night,” and you’ll find loads of articles and opinion pieces ranging from regulatory change to adapting to market conditions.

Seldom, however, do pundits mention organizational change management (OCM). It’s time to switch up that conversation because OCM – the people side of change – is the lynch pin for organizations that want to survive, and thrive, in our world of constant transformation. In this whitepaper, we’ll cover:

  • Three OCM myths, busted
  • Four OCM best practices
  • How to prove the value of OCM to your organization

While the advantages are clear to imbedding OCM into every organizational change initiative, many executives continue to resist investing the necessary time and resources – to their own, and perhaps the organization’s, detriment. If you’re embarking on a change project and want more information on how to ensure it – download our whitepaper now.

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