RBA whitepaper: Six reasons your intranet project will fail (and tips for success)

Are you looking to revamp your intranet?

Look no further. By now, your HR, corporate communications or operations department already knows your intranet is more than a communications tool to inform, educate and train staff. But, like many company intranets, has it become a wasteland of outdated information, duplicative content and hard-to-navigate sections?

Now’s the time to redesign your intranet—for success. If you’re looking to save time and money, improve employee productivity, and spur innovative ideas with your next intranet project, resolve to create an intranet ecosystem that your users will love — and use. Download your free copy of the “6 Reasons Your Intranet Project Will Fail, and Tips for Success” e-book.

You’ll learn:

  • How to avoid the most common pitfalls that companies make when developing an intranet.
  • Best practices from industry experts from RBA’s digital workplace team.
  • Lessons learned from client mistakes and successes that will guide you to become a more integrated, collaborative company.

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