Using an older version of Umbraco?

RBA is offering a free assessment of your Umbraco solution to guide you on the best path to Umbraco v11.

The clock is ticking on Umbraco 7

With Umbraco 7 nearing it’s end-of-life, it is recommended to upgrade to the latest version of Umbraco, version 11.

As an Umbraco Gold partner, RBA has deep experience with the Umbraco platform and upgrading to the latest version.

We have developed an assessment framework to evaluate multiple aspects of an existing Umbraco solution to determine the best path forward.

We are offering this assessment free of charge to new clients who want to take advantage of the latest features of Umbraco.

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RBA Assessment Categories

1. Solution Architecture

2. Solution Setup in Visual Studio

3. Customizations

4. 3rd Party integrations / plugins

5. Performance

6. Security

7. Hosting / infrastructure