Getting a 360 view of your customer is critical to driving customer engagement. We help clients design and deploy CRM as a true customer platform to improve marketing, sales, and service.

Core CRM services

Putting the Customer at the Center.

Implementing a CRM platform is a critical step in managing the data about the biggest factor to your organizations success, your customer. RBA has the experts to help you through the process.

Sales Force Automation

Customers are focused on increased sales productivity and performance through defined sales process, measurement, and visibility.  We help align CRM to meet those needs.

Improving Customer Service

We focus on helping customers leverage CRM to improve overall customer service and experience through increased visibility of customer interactions and process improvement.

Gaining Customer Insight

CRM is a key strategic platform that captures critical customer information that we use to help customers gain insight through data visualization and reporting.

Key platforms

Leveraging the Leading CRM Platforms

We work with the industry leading CRM platforms to help our customers drive customer engagement.

Featured case study

Industrial Supply Distributor Improves Sales Process

RBA worked with Fastenal a leading industrial parts supplier to improve their sales process through the implementation of Dynamics 365. The solution has helped increase the speed to revenue for Fastenal by leveraging workflows to drive sales efficiencies.

Power BI + CRM

We are helping customers discover new insights about their customers by connecting the industry leading data visualization platform of Microsoft Power BI to Dynamics 365 and Salesforce

Drive Higher User Adoption with Learning Paths in Dynamics 365

When deploying or upgrading a relationship management system, success of the project often hinges on people actually using the system. In fact, according to the February 2016 Forrester report, CRM Success Hinges On Effective Change Management, 46% of those...