Time to read: About 5-7 minutes
Intended for: Any current Sitecore customer on any version. Anyone evaluating Sitecore as a potential DXP (Digital Experience Platform).
Key takeaway: Sitecore 10 is here, with a host of new features, updates, improvements, and more. As a Sitecore Platinum Partner, RBA is staying up-to-the-minute so we can advise our clients about potential future upgrades and deployments.

Sitecore 10 is here, with a host of new features, updates, improvements, and more. As a Sitecore Platinum Partner, RBA is staying up-to-the-minute so we can advise our clients and prospects about potential future upgrades and deployments. In this post, we’ll share 10 facts & features about Sitecore 10. The question, “Should I upgrade?” isn’t an easy one to answer succinctly in a blog post. That depends on a lot of things: Your current version, needs, and even your Sitecore implementation partner. (Shameless plug: Don’t have a partner currently, or considering a switch? Let’s talk!)

Version 10 marks a continued shift toward Sitecore as a DXP (Digital Experience Platform). In Sitecore 10, the DXP includes Experience Platform (XP), Content Hub, and Experience Commerce (XC). These three pillars all have major updates with Sitecore 10.

Eventually, Sitecore 10 will become the standard, so in honor of the 10th version, let’s take a look at 10 of the most impressive new features and updates.

#1: More robust Salesforce CRM and Marketing Cloud Connectors

Sitecore marketing automation now includes an activity to integrate directly with Salesforce Marketing Cloud in real time. Current visititor data can also be sent from Sitecore xDB to Salesforce Marketing cloud in real time. You can also immediately place visitors into a marketing automation plan with Journey Builder.

#2: GDPR/CCPA and data privacy

Sitecore 10 has a deeper focus on the European Union’s GDPR and California’s CCPA, including changes to how Sitecore stores and processes personal data.

#3: “Infrastructure-as-Code” (IaC) deployment with Sitecore containers + Azure Cloud

Sitecore containers leverage Docker and Kubernetes technology to smooth your deployment of new experiences and changes to existing ones. Containerization also allows for more efficient onboarding of solutions and teams.

#4: Sitecore Experience Commerce 10

Sitecore Experience Commerce 10 (compatible with Sitecore 10) adds a new deployment option based on Docker and Kubernetes. It adds a Sitecore Experience Commerce Software Development Kit (SDK) with example scripts to you help build your production container images. A set of prepared sample images is also provided via the Sitecore public container registry, for preparing a sample Commerce solution deployment.

#5: Sitecore Experience Commerce Quick Start

With Sitecore Experience Commerce Quick Start, you can launch your digital storefront in as little as eight weeks. Jumpstart your digital commerce journey for benefits today and tomorrow. And if you need assistance, RBA is one of a handful of approved Sitecore commerce partners.

#6: Deeper audience segmentation in Sitecore Analytics

Sitecore Experience Database (xDB) is a cloud-ready big data repository that is included as part of the Sitecore platform. In version 10, you can drill deeper into audience engagement and segmentation.

#7: Expanded Content Hub integration

As of Version 10, Content Hub supports deeper integration with Sitecore’s Content Marketing Platform (CMP). This means that marketing teams can centralize more of their content creation with Content Hub, allowing them to plan content strategy, visualize content needs, and track/create campaigns. Personalized content can also be delivered across channels and devices.

#8: Content Hub & AI

Content Hub 3.4 (included with Sitecore 10) will utilize AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning for smarter management of images and video.

#9: Adobe Creative Cloud Integration

Sitecore 10 offers integration with Adobe creative tools. There’s also a new Javascript SDK (Software Development Kit) for integration with other tools in your martech stack.

#10: Better filtering in Experience Analytics

Filtering is now added to all reports in Experience Analytics. This allows marketers and analysts to drill deeper into their data for better insights.

Want to learn more?

Regardless if you’re already on an older version of Sitecore, or you’re not on Sitecore at all, there’s something for everyone with Version 10. If you’re interested in a demonstration of Sitecore 10, or learning more about its features and capabilities, please reach out.