Introduction to Sitecore Content Hub

Time to read: About 5-7 minutes
Intended for: Content creators and marketers who utilize the Sitecore platform, or are in the market for a comprehensive Content Hub solution.
Key takeaway: There are many cloud-based services that allow teams to collaborate and share digital assets. However, Sitecore’s Content Hub does it the best.

In this series I’ll introduce you to Sitecore’s Content Hub and the functionality and features you can expect when using Content Hub. There are many features I’ve found useful that are not found in Sitecore’s documentation. As this series continues, if questions arise or if there is functionality you want to discuss, drop a comment below. If the request fits within the scope of this blog series I can write about it in a future post.

What is a Content Hub?

Before we can answer “What is Sitecore Content Hub?”, we should define what a content hub is in general terms. A broad definition of a content hub is anything that stores and allows users and teams to collaborate on assets. There are many products out there enabling teams, but what are the differences and similarities between them?

Most products on the market store digital content and enable collaboration with varying degrees of features based on what product(s) you decide to you use. For example, OneDrive and Google Drive store assets in the cloud and allows sharing those assets with other individuals.

SharePoint stores content but also offers version history and simultaneous online collaboration with users depending on the type of content. Then you have Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems like Adobe’s Experience Manager Assets, Aprimo, and Bynder. These products take storage a step further by providing users with a more robust user interface with extra features like artificial intelligence (AI) auto-tagging, search filtering, metadata, roles and permissions, and integration.

One login, one interface + seamless integration

You might be thinking, that’s great! That’s all I need. But what if you need a Content Marketing Platform (CMP), Product Content Management (PCM), and/or Marketing Resource Management (MRM) software? Maybe you need them all! Sure, you could find products that offer some these features, or use a combination of these products. But why not use a product that has all of these features, with one login, that integrates seamlessly with the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) via a connector?

Sitecore’s Content Hub

This is where Sitecore’s Content Hub shines as it seamlessly incorporates DAM, CMP, PCM, and MRM products with a single login.

  • Use the DAM to upload an image and have it create multiple renditions and versions.
  • Plan content ahead of schedule ensuring you always have content ready using the campaign calendar in CMP.
  • Use the PCM functionality to publish content to social media, CRM’s, and websites.
  • Plan and schedule marketing activities while collaborating with internal and external teams using MRM features.

While there are many features and functionality of Content Hub, I’ll highlight things in each area that I’ve found to be most helpful, hard to understand, or just a how-to post. I’ll be starting off with a general overview of the user interface, then touch on the four different areas (DAM, CMP, PCM, MRM), and then go into highlighting functionality. Stay tuned and while you’re here, leave a comment below if you want me to cover any specific Content Hub topics.