Event details

Presented by:Travis Roberts of RBA consulting
Date & time:August 7, 2020 @ 11:00 a.m. Central
Location:Virtual meeting
Organization:USA Windows Virtual Desktop User Group

The ability to rapidly scale out remote desktop and VDI environments have been critical over the last few months due to the demands of working from home.  For many organizations, scaling out a remote desktop or VDI environment requires adding capacity to existing compute and storage infrastructure.  

Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) provides the ability to scale a remote desktop environment on-demand, without the need for purchasing and deploying expensive hardware.  Using Azures secure computing platform, WVD provides organizations with the ability to deliver custom remote desktops to users, scaling out in Azure to meet any remote desktop demand. 

The first US Windows Virtual Desktop User Group meeting is scheduled for August 7th, 2020.  Travis Roberts, a Cloud Infrastructure Architect at RBA Consulting, is presenting at this inaugural event.  Travis will present “An Introduction to Windows Virtual Desktop Spring Update.”  This presentation is an introduction to WVD, going over what you need to know to deploy a WVD environment.

Please join us for this event at 11 AM Central on August 7th

If you can’t make the event but would like more information, contact us for more information on WVD.