Data and Analytics

Data is good. Information is better. Insight is best. We help organizations make sense of the variety of data sources in their organization and provide meaningful reporting, analytics, and intelligence.

Core data services

Designed to Deliver Results.

Virtually every engagement we work on involves data to some degree. We provide a number of different services to customers who want to move towards becoming a data driven organization.

Data visualization and dashboard design

We provide a unique blend of capabilities to design rich visualizations to drive insights.

Measurement and insights

A strategic focus on helping organizations identify key metrics to drive insights.

Database solution design

Designing data centric applications in the cloud with a focus on scalability and security.

Data Integration

Our deep history of integration reflects our commitment to enterprise grade solutions.

Data warehousing

Leveraging modern cloud capabilities aligned to trusted design principles, we create enterprise data warehousing solutions.

Becoming Data-Driven

Data-driven. Driven by data. What do we mean when we say that? We mean that data should inform the decision-making process at every step of the way. Data is everywhere, and it can come from many systems. RBA can help you make sense of all that data, and most importantly help drive your bottom line.

Power BI as a Data Validation Tool

During our discussions with many customers about deploying self-service BI tools such as Power BI, one of the common dilemmas is:  when do I deploy the tool to users?  I don’t want to deploy the tool until my data has been validated.  While this is a...

Use Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Microsoft Power BI for awesome insights (Part 4)

This post is a continuation of my series: "Use Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Microsoft Power BI for awesome insights." I'm not going to do a ton of review here, so if you've missed one or more previous posts, I encourage you to go back and review those...

Don’t miss D365UG (CRMUG) Summit 17 in Nashville

We are in the heart of conference season! With Envision coming to a close and Ignite in session, the folks in the Dynamics 365 community will soon have all eyes on the CRMUG Summit in Nashville. CRMUG Summit (a.k.a. D365UG/CRMUG Summit) has become the go-to...

Power BI + Sitecore

We are helping customers gain new insights in to the digital experience of their customers by unlocking the power of Sitecore data through the industry leading data visualization platform of Microsoft Power BI.