Lots of options for getting to the cloud

As cloud technologies continue to mature and provide additional benefit, making the move to the cloud is making more and more sense. Most applications today were written before the monumental shift towards the cloud, and the time and effort needed to rebuild or re-architect these applications to be cloud optimized is not feasible for most organizations. That doesn’t mean there aren’t options though.

My MDC (Minnesota Developers Conference) 2020 session recap

I’m Scott Snyder, Solutions Architect at RBA. In my session from the 2020 Minnesota Developer Conference, Options for Migrating On-Premises Web Applications to Azure, I discuss the most common cloud myths, modernization, Azure, and some of its most important features. I also address some common compute options available for migration and their tradeoffs. In addition, I take a brief look at database options in Azure and their features before rounding things off with some general cost management guidance.

Note: If you like, you can also download a PDF copy of my session outline.

View video: Options for migrating on-premises web apps to Azure