The following is a summary of an article I wrote for the Business Marketing Association of Minnesota’s blog titled, “How to Boost Customer-Centric Marketing Through CRM”

As a business in a digital world, it’s important to remember that customers now hold all of the buying power. So how do we make sure we’re getting through to them? By developing a customer-centric mindset and leveraging a CRM solution to help listen, understand, provide relevance and optimize the value of content interactions and relationships from the customer viewpoint.

Recognizing who, when, where, what and how to communicate with potential, new or legacy customers starts with aligning your CRM with the three P’s of customer-centricity.

Proactive Marketing: Capture conversations and personalized data from customers to help you make informed marketing decisions.
Predictive Sales: Identify emerging customer trends to guide marketing, sales and customer service strategies.
Personalized Support: Harness customer data to reach them at the right time, with the right information, using the right method to make customers feel valued.


Are you ready to think about CRM with a customer-centric mindset?

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