Are you having difficulties deleting an entity in CRM?  The error message you are getting is basic and non-descriptive. This post will discuss a couple of possible culprits and the potential solutions.

Is there a calculated field attribute on a form within the entity you are trying to delete? Is one of the attributes in the entity being used in the global search function? If you answered yes to one or both of these questions this might be your issue causing the entity delete function to fail.

1. If you have a calculated field on the entity form remove it from the form.  You will then want to save this change and publish the entity.

2. If you have Quick find setup for the entity, you will want to remove this function.  To do this go to Setting => Administration => System Settings and under the General tab go to “Set up Quick Find” and click on the select button to display the selected entities. You will want to click on the entity to be removed and select the “Remove” button. Click OK button to close window.

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